Process Control System Upgrade

  • Project Name: City of Tacoma
  • Market: Municipal
  • Region: Washington
  • Capabilities:
    • Systems Integration

Process Control System Upgrade

Tacoma, WA – TSI was the prime contractor and systems integrator for this plant wide control system upgrade. The project consisted of replacement and upgrade of the existing ABB distributed control system (DCS) with Rockwell PlantPAx systems at the city’s two wastewater treatment plants. TSI fabricated, installed, and programmed 22 PLC control panels and 32 Remote-IO panels as well as integrating 27 existing vendor control panels. Extensive Profibus-DP and Profibus-PA instrumentation and over 90 Profibus-DP valve actuators were also upgraded during the project and integrated into the PLC systems. A new fiber optic network communications backbone was installed with 18 new network communication cabinets to provide plant wide control system and business system networks. New server racks were supplied and installed at both plants with the PlantPAx software platform, Historian, VantagePoint, and AssetCentre software in a virtualized system. 5 operator workstations and 45 thin clients were installed across the two plants to complete the SCADA system. TSI also supplied, installed, and commissioned over 100 new instruments as part of the project. As operating treatment plants, TSI was responsible for close coordination with city staff to plan and schedule cutover from the existing DCS system to the new PlantPAx system for each process area while maintaining plant operation throughout the project. The new system provides the plant operators with visualization of the plant processes with extensive operational data, reports, and trends to allow optimization of the process on a continuous basis.

Project Contact: Max Drathman – City of Tacoma Project Manager

Contract Amount: $10,500,000