Inland Empire Utilities Agency – SCADA Enterprise System

  • Project Name: Carbon Canyon Water Recycling Facility
  • Market: Municipal
  • Region: California
  • Capabilities:
    • Software
    • Systems Integration

Inland Empire Utilities Agency – SCADA Enterprise System

Chino, CA – TSI was selected by the Agency as the Prime Contractor/Systems Integrator for phase 1 of their SCADA Upgrade. TSI was involved in the hardware integration, panel fabrication (5 control panels) and programming of the Carbon Canyon Water Recycling Facility SCADA Enterprise System. This project replaced an existing Foxboro DCS system with Rockwell Automation’s PlantPAx platform which incorporates ControlLogix PLC’s, Factory Talk SE, PlantPax objects as well as High Performance HMI standards. In addition to the control system upgrade, TSI installed an Enterprise Server backbone which provides a framework for future Agency water recycling treatment plant expansions.

Project Contact: Gary Dix – Inland Empire Utilities Agency

Contract Amount: $2,500,000 (Total)