Henry C. Garnett Water Purification Plant

  • Project Name: Kern County
  • Market: Municipal
  • Region: California
  • Capabilities:
    • Systems Integration

Henry C. Garnett Water Purification Plant

Bakersfield, CA – TSI was involved in the Hardware integration, and panel fabrication (20 control panels) of the Henry Garnett Water Purification Plant Expansion Project. This was an expansion from an existing plant from 45 MGD to 90 MGD. Due to the complexity of this project, a detailed understanding of the plant, its operation as well as the control system needs was required. The project required extensive planning and communications with plant operators and construction team members to insure uninterrupted plant start-up and training. Programmable Logic Controllers (Modicon/Sq. D PLC’s) were connected to a very large in-plant SCADA communications system.

Project Contact: Troy Hedlund – Carollo Engineers

Contract Amount: $1,700,000 (Total)